What is a Kingdom Christian?

David Bercot, in numerous books and sermons, presents several characteristics that help to define what it means to be a Kingdom Christian.  Those characteristics include:

  1. A Kingdom Christian recognizes that he has entered the Kingdom of God, and as such his priorities should now be focused on eternal things.  Entering the Kingdom of God gives a person an eternal focus.  He seeks to follow God’s eternal laws, leading an eternal lifestyle with an eternal set of priorities.
  2. A Kingdom Christian is focused on more than just being saved – his focus is on how he can serve his King.  He is committed to living by the teachings of Jesus.
  3. A Kingdom Christian realizes that he has a new job, which is promoting the Kingdom of God.

The Church’s Business

“That is the church’s business—to preach the Christ who died upon that Cross to reconcile men to God and to reconcile them to one another.  Language divides, nationalism divides, political allegiance divides, trade interests divide—but Jesus Christ unites.  In a common love to Him, men learn to love one another.”
(J.D. Jones)