Jacob Arminius – Part 7

The theology of Arminius was deeply shaped by his study of Romans 7 and the problem of the will that is posed by that passage.  In his study Arminius was led away from the traditional Augustinian pattern of interpretation which was used by the Reformers.  He argued that the struggle described by Paul in Romans 7 was not post-conversion, but rather was pre-conversion.  His study of Romans 9 led him into an extended debate with Franciscus Junius about predestination.  Arminius’ view of Romans 9 was that Isaac and Ishmael, Jacob and Esau, should not be understood as individuals, but rather as types.  That interpretation would lead to the conclusion that Romans 9 does not refer to individual predestination.  Overall, Arminius took issue with the Reformed doctrine of predestination.  Interestingly, Arminius replaced Junius as a theology professor at Leiden in 1602.

Author: Daniel

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