Jacob Arminius – Part 4

A theologically formative period in the life of Arminius was the time he spent as a minister in Amsterdam.  As a minister he studied Romans, and it was that study that set him in firm opposition to Calvinism.  He was accused of being a Pelagian because his emphasis on free will was thought to be extreme.  He was also accused of other heresies, although his critics were never able to provide sufficient proof to convict him of those charges.  Despite the fact that his theological system was controversial, he did not want to see people divided for theological reasons.  During the time that he was professor of theology in Leiden, he delivered an address entitled “On Reconciling Religious Dissensions among Christians.”  He stated: “Religious dissension is the worst kind of disagreement, for it strikes the very altar itself. It engulfs everyone; each must take sides or else make a third party of himself.”  Perhaps that attitude lends to his reputation as an irenic theologian.

Author: Daniel

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