Jacob Arminius – Part 2

Jacob Arminius was born in 1559 in Oudewater, Holland.  At the time of Arminius’ birth, John Calvin was establishing an academy in Geneva, Switzerland for the purpose of spreading his theological ideas about predestination.  It was also at about that same time that Guido de Brès wrote the first edition of the Belgic Confession.  That confession later became of the standard doctrinal statement for Dutch Calvinists (an interesting observation due to the fact that Arminius himself was Dutch).  Calvin’s ideas were spreading across Holland and eventually even reached the halls of power.  By the time Arminius was 14, the Dutch king, William the Silent, was a Calvinist.  The theological landscape across Europe continued to shift and by the time of Arminius’ death in 1609 his theology was also spreading rapidly across the theological scene.

Author: Daniel

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