For Wives Only

(This was written by Frank Reed and originally posted here)

For Wives Only –
And for the girls who want to be –

Do you respect your husband?
Do you know that he is willing to die for you?
When he married you, he did die for you.
He died to his own dreams and plans.
He made you his dreams and plans.
You became his dreams and plans.
He welcomed you into God’s plans.
Is he your hero?
He should be.
He needs to be.
Are you living for him?
Do you respect him?
You need to.
He will die if you do not.

Jesus died for His Church.
What does His Church do?
His Church honors Him above all.
His Church follows Him.
His Church obeys Him.
His Church loves His word.
His Church submits to Him.
His Church makes Him to be her Lord.
His Church lives for Him.
His Church respects Him.

Wife, submit yourself to your own husband.
Because he has died for you.
Because he loves you.
Because the bride of Christ loves Christ and submits to Him.

Author: Daniel

I am a Christian who is seeking to build God's Kingdom.