For Husbands Only

(This was written by Frank Reed and originally posted here)

For Husbands Only –
And for the men who want to be –

If your wife committed a crime; would you do the time for her?
What if her crime was a capital offense?
What if her sentence was death?
Would you die for her?
What if the method of execution was crucifixion?
What would you do?
Meanwhile – Do you love your wife enough to live for her?

What did Jesus do?
His bride was guilty.
He died for her.
The method of execution was crucifixion.
He died for her.
He not only died.
He died an excruciating death.
For her.
And now – He lives for her today.

Husband, love your wife as Christ loved the Church
And gave Himself for her.

Author: Daniel

I am a Christian who is seeking to build God's Kingdom.