An Attitude of Expectancy

Charles Haddon Spurgeon used these words to encourage people to be prepared for the return of Christ, which could occur at any time:

Oh, Beloved, let us try every morning, to get up as if that were the morning in which Christ would come! And when we go to bed at night, may we lie down with this thought, “Perhaps I shall be awakened by the ringing out of the silver trumpets heralding His Coming. Before the sun arises, I may be startled from my dreams by the greatest of all cries, ‘The Lord is come! The Lord is come!’ ” What a check, what an incentive, what a bridle, what a spur such thoughts as these would be to us! Take this for the guide of your whole life—act as if Jesus would come in the act in which you are engaged—and if you would not wish to be caught in that act by the Coming of the Lord, let it not be your act.

Author: Daniel

I am a Christian who is seeking to build God's Kingdom.