A Life of Faith

Friends are saying to me, “What are people who are living by faith going to do when money gets tight and depression comes?”  The thought came to me that the real question is, “What are people who are not living by faith going to do?”
(Joy Ridderhof)

Baptismal Confession of Faith

The baptism of believers upon their confession of faith is a significant component of Anabaptist theology.  This is an example of the confession of faith that should accompany baptism.  

I believe in one true, eternal, and almighty God, who is the Creator and Preserver of all visible and invisible things.

I believe in Jesus Christ, as the only begotten Son of God, that He is the only Savior of mankind, that He died upon the cross, and gave Himself as a ransom for my sins, that through Him I might have eternal life.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, which proceeds from the Father and the Son; that He is an abiding Comforter, sanctifies the hearts of men, and guides them into all truth.

I am truly sorry for my past sins, and willingly renounce Satan, the world, and all works of darkness and my own carnal will and sinful desires.

I promise by the grace of God and the aid of the Holy Spirit to submit myself to Christ and His Word, and to faithfully abide in the same until death.

A Prayer For Peace

“O Lord Jesus, thou faithful and merciful High Priest, who consented to be in all things tempted like as we are, yet without sin, that, taught by this experience how hard it is to obey God in sufferings, thou mightest be touched with a feeling of our infirmities, have compassion on me, succour me, thy servant prostrate, and pressed with so many maladies.

O God of my salvation, make my soul fit for thy heavenly kingdom, and my body for the resurrection. Great Shepherd of the sheep, who, through the blood of the everlasting covenant hast been brought again from the dead, O Lord and Saviour Jesus, be present with me, an infirm and afflicted sheep of thine.”

(James Arminius)

Who God Uses

R.A. Torrey offered these reasons about why God used D.L. Moody:
1) He was fully surrendered,
2) He was a person of prayer,
3) He was a student of the Word of God,
4) He was humble,
5) He was free from the love of money,
6) He had a consuming passion for the lost,
7) He had a definite endowment of power from on high.