The Paralysis of Perfectionism

I tend to be a perfectionist.  However, much of what I do falls far short of perfection.  A desire for perfection can be paralyzing.  After all, why should we do something if it is not perfect?

Now there certainly is a place to strive for perfection.  In fact, that probably should be our goal.  But we should not allow a lack of perfection to paralyze us.  I have been helped by attempting to adopt a statement that one of my teachers repeatedly emphasized: “We do the best we can.”

As I go about my work I want to keep in mind that my responsibility is to do my best.  I want to keep going and growing.  For some reason God has chosen to use people for the accomplishment of his purposes.  I am grateful that we can have confidence that God will bring good out of our feeble efforts.

Author: Daniel

I am a Christian who is seeking to build God's Kingdom.