The Gospel to Every Language

This is the tenth article in a twelve-part series that develops a theology of language by examining what the Bible says about this topic.

The Gospel will one day be proclaimed to every language.  Revelation 14:6 records John’s vision of an angel.  That angel had “…an eternal gospel to proclaim…to every nation and tribe and language and people.”  Revelation 5:9 is a song that was sung to Jesus, and it says, “…by your blood you ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation” (both Scripture quotations from the ESV).  God desires for all people to hear his Gospel.  We are guaranteed that the end of time will not come until the whole world has heard the Gospel (Matthew 24:14).  I understand these verses to be saying that there are no linguistic boundaries to the Gospel.  Jesus died and rose again so that anyone who accepts him can receive eternal life.  I want to participate in the work of the Gospel as it goes out to all the languages of the world.

Author: Daniel

I am a Christian who is seeking to build God's Kingdom.