Siren Song or Sweeter Song?

This post is adapted from an article by Frank Reed, which can be found at

Mythology tells stories of long-ago people and happenings.  Mythology to be sure, but lessons that can be taught and learned.

Along the rocky shores of a sea were creatures called Sirens.  They were beautiful women with beautiful voices.  The rocky shores were littered with shipwrecks.  Sailors disregarded their better senses and were lured by the Siren’s beauty and voice.  They knew the dangers but were unable to withstand the Siren’s lure and so they steered their ships into the deadly rocks.  The Sirens had no interest in the sailors.  Their only interest was destruction and they used their charms to destroy.

Ulysses and his ship were about to pass that way.  Knowing the inability to resist temptation he crafted a plan.  They would avoid temptation.  He commanded: “Every man place beeswax in his ears and then tie me to the mast of the ship.”

As they passed, the men could not hear the Sirens.  They rowed on to safety.  Ulysses, on the other hand, did not have wax in his ears.  He bellowed for the men to stop, but they could not hear him.  He was overcome by the beautiful music even though he knew it was destructive.  He was saved by the ropes and the mast and by the wax in the ears of the sailors.

Later, another ship came along.  Orpheus and his crew also knew of the Sirens and their dangerously beautiful songs.  Some of the sailors greatly anticipated the Sirens and were eager for their music.  Knowing the dangers, they pressed ahead.  As they approached the Sirens, Orpheus began playing a musical instrument he had brought along.

He played so beautifully and so masterfully that the crewmen were transfixed with his music.  The men rowed. So intent were they on the music of Orpheus, that they scarcely noticed the Sirens on the shore.  Their hearts were filled with a sweeter song.

Both crews escaped death on the rocks of the Sirens.  The first crew escaped by ropes and restrictions.  The second escaped by a sweeter song.

Only passion will cure passion.  Temptation is everywhere.  Ropes and restrictions are not.  Only a sweeter song that can be taken along in your heart can deliver you in all cases and situations.

The world has a song.  God has a song.  Which will it be?  How will you decide?  When you hear the world’s song, what will you do?  It is alluring.  It sounds beautiful.  Will its beauty capture you and dash you on the rocks?  It has no care for you.  It only plots your destruction.  Its beauty is the lure for its deadly game.

Or have you found a sweeter song?  A song so masterfully and beautifully played by the Master of your ship?  Which ship are you on?  Who is your master?

May I commend to you the “Master of Assemblies?”  The Owner and the Creator of all.  The One for whom the angels sang.  The One who calmed the raging sea.  The One who can calm the raging in your heart.  The One who will fill your heart with a song so sweet that the Sirens will be a distant noise.  His is the song and His is the life.  Make sure that He is the captain of your ship today.