What is the Kingdom of God?

This blog claims to be devoted to the Kingdom of God.  That sounds really great.  However, there may be some uncertainty about the nature of this Kingdom.  Some clarification may be in order.

C.C. Caragounis wrote the article “Kingdom of God/Kingdom of Heaven” in the Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels (first edition; p. 417-30).  He states that the Kingdom of God/Kingdom of Heaven was the theme of Jesus’ preaching.  The Kingdom also signifies God’s sovereign rule.

Caragounis articulates three aspects of the Kingdom of God:
1) The Kingdom denotes God’s eternal rule, rather than focusing on an earthly kingdom.
2) The Kingdom has a universal scope (it is open to all people).
3) The Kingdom was present in Jesus and is not simply a vague future hope.



Author: Daniel

I am a Christian who is seeking to build God's Kingdom.